Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome to the world of live stream search!


We are Balakam. We have created an eponymous niche search engine, which helps users find live media streams in the global web. We did this to ensure one simple thing: that all the people out there are able to track down things they love in the enormous variety of media content on the web.
One of our biggest assets is that we are young. And eager. Eager to create, to improvise, to change, to appreciate, to believe. We grow steadily, day by day, making our own mistakes as well as learning from the ones of others. Even though you can probably find some flaws in our product and/or our service, no one would ever blame us for not reforming and improving. Day by day. Making live stream search as available for you as it has never been before.
So, to make sure that each and every one knows about Balakam and its aims, activities, values and staff, and thus gets to know us better, we have started this blog. Apart from sharing some info about ourselves, we will also write about other stuff that we have solid interest in (i.e., hi-tech, music, etc.). Feel free to ask any relevant questions and enjoy!

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