Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evolution of Balakam: From prototype to alpha and beta

Everything in this life evolves through a certain number of stages. A rock band has to come up with the idea of its musical frames, then the line-up, then the name, then the label (but not necessarily in that order). The same goes with any TV show: the genre, the script, the actors, the pilot, the frantic search for the ideas for a new season.

Balakam is also in constant process of refining itself. After we have decided on the outline for conquering the world, the name and the technology to deliver the best entertainment for you in the most hands-down way we were due to present a prototype of the search engine.



  • Basic search functionality
  • Ability to categorize streams by types (TV, Radio, webcam)
  • Publicly available


What was the idea behind it? Easy. To show the world that we have been not only born, but also have spent a considerable amount of time evolving and contemplating on the database, categories, looks and stylings of our newborn.

First and foremost, the prototype represented the essence of wonderful idea we are working on. These days there are millions of media streams waiting for your exploration. The problem is that you probably don’t want them all (and at the same time, too). Probably you just want to find a couple of, say, heavy metal radio stations and cute webcams broadcasting from Monterey bay. That’s what the prototype was all about: here we are and here’s the plan and here’s how we are going to do it.


Then, we knew that simply providing you with the ability of floating among all the sources was not enough. That’s why the prototype also offered a chance to categorize the found streams under certain types of streams: TV, radio and webcam broadcasts.

Of course, taking into account the fact that this was only prototype of Balakam, it had some soft spots, namely a relatively small database of media content and plain search functionality. But Balakam never stops the positive turn, so an alpha-version was soon introduced, mirroring sustainable changes the service has undergone.



  • Improved relevancy
  • DB expansion
  • GEO targeting feature


The searching algorithms were improved which has brought a higher relevancy of search. Also the database has been substantially expanded, now covering practically the vast majority of radio broadcasts.

As the cuter has come the intro of the geo targeting feature, which has enabled a user to find streams most relevant for his geographical area. In other words, we’ve given users the opportunity to look around the globe exploring live content globally.


The design has been significantly changed as well. The colors, the search bar, banners – everything shaped up to our vision of friendliness.

This is how the journey across the live streaming universe has begun – and now we’re in beta version, with a hugely improved searching and analytical functionality now able to provide users with an unprecedented opportunity to choose from dozens thousands of live streams around the web.


Stay tuned, we’ll tell you everything about our beta very soon!

Or just go to balakam.com right now and explore live streaming media world)


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