Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apple Is Testing The Apple TV In Secret


A source out of Foxconn has said that testing is already underway on Apple’s HDTV. The source, speaking under the condition of anonymity, explained that Apple is using LCD panels ranging between 46 inches and 55 inches.

Rumors of an Apple TV set have been flying around for years, despite the company calling it more of a “hobby.” Since, Tim Cook hinted publicly that Apple certainly has plans for a TV set, but didn’t go into too much further detail.

See, Apple and Samsung compete on just about every consumer electronics front, but the TV is the key. Users are not necessarily looking for the best product in a single arena, but rather a connected experience across electronics. With Samsung and Apple holding the greatest market shares in mobile, the real war begins in the living room.

But don’t get too amped. Apple TV set top boxes are essentially flying off of Apple shelves, and until they have a product that blows Samsung’s TV offerings out of the water, there’s still time to wait.


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