Wednesday, November 21, 2012

‎Veveo Pioneers "Siri on Steroids" Voice-Based Video Search

Veveo, a provider of search solutions for connected devices, has debuted a new voice and natural language-based, "conversational interface" technology for video search which is available for trial currently and for release in Q1 '13 in its Reveal 3.0 product.

The new voice capability is targeted to pay-TV operators, connected device manufacturers and set-top box providers eager to give users more flexibility in how they navigate the ever-increasing array of video choices.

 Sam Vasisht, Veveo's CMO, discussed three key ingredients to making conversational interfaces effective: disambiguation, statefulness and personalization. Disambiguation means being able to identify a user's intent (e.g. distinguishing "Cruise" from "Cruz") or to ascribe the correct meaning to a word (e.g. "Eagles" as football team vs. as a rock band). Statefulness means either maintaining the context of the user's search or adapting quickly to a new one (e.g. from movies to sports). Personalization means retaining knowledge of a user's prior searches in order to inform subsequent ones.

Looks like Siri just got yet another strong competitor and Apple has a lot to think about. Agree?


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